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The developers have ensured that the residents enjoy good amenities and provide a quality improvement in life.  Tierra Verde Residences have a number of good amenities that help in the holistic growth of people. One of the most important things is safety and security of the people. With 24 x 7 security service, the complex is well secured and the residents feel completely safe. There is a full perimeter fence and being a gated community, there is no unauthorized entry. 

The houses are spread within 10 hectares but to ensure that there is facility provided 50-hectare space is dedicated towards commercial activity center. There are many recreational amenities that make the stay absolutely high quality with a presence of clubhouse, swimming pool, basketball court, playground etc. The recreational facilities ensure that the residents live a quality life and stay fit with regular activities. With the 50-hectare area for commercial activity, the developer has designed it keeping in mind easy accessibility to the homeowners.

The landscape park makes space a beautiful residence and there is a playground for the children ensuring they are active and grow healthy. Apart from the recreational features, there are many building amenities which cater to the need of the homeowners. The centralized water system ensures that each house or unit receives water supply. There is Meralco Power provider that ensures proper power is received by every unit, a multi-purpose hall for organizing certain events or functions and a daycare center also. 

Each of the individual houses or units is also loaded with great amenities and features that make the stay convenient. With provision for electricity, lines for cable TV & telephone, ease of internet connection and well-furnished kitchen space, the homeowners stay hassle free. The project is an affordable one intended towards providing housing to low-income people but it has not deprived the residents of the basic and important amenities.

Terraverde Residences is a 10 hectare residential development, the first phase of a 50 hectare master planned community. It is designed to cater to middle income families wanting to enjoy the comforts and stability of having a house they can call their own.

The master planned community will have an area for a main Community Amenities where the Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, playground and basketball court shall be located. An area within the 50-hectare community was reserved to be a possible location of a transportation and commercial activity center. This will further make everything accessible to future homeowners.

Other than the main Community Amenities, Terraverde Residences Phase 1 will also have its own basketball court, landscaped parks and playground and gate with guardhouse.

  • Parks & Playground
  • Project Perimeter Fence
  • Centralized Water System
  • Meralco Facilities
  •  Entrance Gate
  • Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Landscaped Entrance
  • Basketball Court
  • Day-Care Center
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